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IMG_2310On the 5th of March 2015 Green Friends Ireland Planted 601 native Irish Trees in Meelin Co. Cork.


We had mixed Irish weather, sunny spells, little rain and a spectacular rainbows combined with a wonderful group of good hearted people. These Greenfriends came together, from all over Ireland; Waterford, Dublin, Wicklow, Cork and Clare, to help plant 601 trees. We had all ages, and all ranges of experience. Everyone came with smiles and good humour, glad of the nice weather, the good soil and beautiful views from the site of the new woodlands in Meelin.

Having a delicious lunch brought by all and served to us with love by the kind folk working away inside helped sustain us through a great days work.

The trees are all native and some indigenous, grown from Irish seed. The mix includes two species of birch, two species of native Irish cherry, crab apple, hazel and mountain ash. Willow and Alder form a windbreak on the steep slope. Lovingly planted through the mix are fifty oaks. The wonderful thing about people coming to plant trees as volunteers is the extra care, which the trees receive, at this important point in their life’s. The next five years will be important for the trees too, and after that the habitat will have its own equilibrium and need only minimal care and management. Evidence of rabbits necessitated rabbit protection.

All our trees and their protection were generously sponsored by donations to Green Friends Ireland. Originally we thought we could plant two hundred trees. Imagine our delight at being able to plant six hundred, and have enough help to be able to get it done in one day? We are deeply grateful.


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getgrowing May West Cork-2016

GreenFriends Ireland are happy to announce another residential GetGrowing course in at Hagal Farm, West Cork April 29th eve to Mon May 2nd 2016.

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What it is: 


GetGrowing is a hands-on course that teaches how to grow your own, healthy food easily and successfully in whatever space you have available – be it a piece of land, garden, paved yard or balcony. 

The popular course concentrates on the most useful methods to start an organic vegetable garden from scratch, how to sow and plant, care for, feed and protect vegetable plants in harmony with nature. At the same time it provides the basic insight and understanding for raising healthy and vigorous plants year after year. Topics include garden design, crop rotation, beds and container systems, feeding your soil, composting, natural pest control and much more. 

The teaching is accompanied by a 100-pages, fully coloured, step by step manual to serve as a reference guide and to refresh and deepen what you have learned during the course. 


How it came about: 

The GetGrowing project was developed in 2010 by non-professional volunteers in the spirit of service to society with the aim to help people to be more self-reliant and to be able to grow at least part of their food. It has since spread to many different countries. 


Who it is for: 


The course is meant for beginners or improvers but is also suitable for people who already have knowledge and experience and wish to pass it on by becoming a teacher themselves. 


Lovely West Cork



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We planted 603 native Irish trees, on land donated by Paddy

Heres some footage


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