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Heres a few clips of our trip to Clare


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Hi All

First , make a nice strong wooden fence, I used old scaffold planks which were the cheapest source of wood.

IMG_0099I covered the fence with a plastic liner, so that the damp soil would not rot the wood so quickly, and give a longer life to the fence.

IMG_0105I used a staple gun to fix plastic in space.

Then attach on first piece of wood for front of fence

IMG_0113At this point I’d recommend placing a plastic protection to cover the planting space, to stop the soil falling out, once youre ready to put a plant in the wall you can just tear a planting hole.

IMG_0126I left 1 brick space for planting between each board

IMG_0116Fill inside with Soil as you go up , and keep pre-lining the planting spaces with plastic ( we also used cardboard on the lowest row )

IMG_0121This is how it looks from the front

IMG_0124Finally when we reached the top, we cut away excess plastic, to make it look nice, and left the top row, like a normal planting box, for some herbs and salad


IMG_0137I’ve filled the wall with salad herbs and strawberries ! will keep you posted on how it all goes

Vertical garden fence project , took longer than planned but has become the wall to end all walls.

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The GetGrowing free organic veg growing course taught by GreenFriends Ireland was great fun

and we haveĀ  the photos to prove it !


If you’d like to receive more GetGrowing updates via face book send a friend request to me at “veg grow ireland”

thanks , rob


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It is almost 5 years since Greenfriends planted the first tree for the Amma woodlands at John Fishers in Corofin, Co Clare.
We would like you to celebrate with us on the 23rd of May, for the planting of over 500 trees since that wonderful day.

We will meet at John’s for a traditional Greenfriends morning cuppa and welcome at 11am before carrying out some tree care in the woodlands.
There will be a dahl soup provided for lunch, please feel free to bring your own pot luck ( food to share).
We hope to celebrate by singing, poetry, tree stories/information, team building project or anything you feel inspired to bring to this celebration which is in one with Greenfriends and nature. It would also be a great opportunity to discuss future Greenfriend and woodland plans.

The Tree Care consists of helping to clear around trees to help their growth so please bring gloves or any helpful tools. Bring rain gear, boots/wellies and hopefully suncream will be required instead of the rain gear. Please bring some musical instruments if you have any.

Due to the journey, John has kindly offered that anyone who would like to stay over are welcome, just bring your own bedding and food.

We are looking forward to celebrating with you in amongst the Woodlands.
Please call sue @ 085 8824000 for more information or send an email to greenfriends@ammaireland.org.
With love and gratitude,


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