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2 intensive days to learn permaculture with Warren Brush, one of the top 10 in permaculture worldwide

Permaculture is a conscious, integrated design system, based on ecological principles, which supports resource conservation and manages productive living spaces for people. Permaculture offers a framework for consciously planned landscapes, mirroring the same patterns and relationships found in nature. These systems create the landscape to help meet the local need: including provision of dwellings, water, energy, and nourishment. This, in turn, ensures variety & stability for the locals. The basic goal is an organic and socially sustainable economy with all necessary resources.

Warren Brush is a certified permaculture designer, teacher, and consultant, was well as a storyteller. For over 25 years, he has been inspiring people of all ages to discover, develop, and express their inner potential and at the same time to live a sustainable lifestyle. He is a co-founder of the Quail Springs Learning Oasis & Permaculture Farm, the Sustainable Vocations, Wilderness Youth Projects, Trees for Children, and his permaculture design company, True Nature Design.

This week-end will introduce you to the principe of this way to design natural and sustainable landscapes and human settlments.

14 May 2013 – 16 May 2013Image
Contact Pizza Dave for more details 0861925240

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We organised a tree planting day for Feb 16th, and added another 100 Willow to our 500 native trees at the GreenFriends Woodland in Corofin. Big thanks to John for making some nice tea, and to all who helped!


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