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Its Alive !

Spring has arrived and the pond is teeming with tadpoles. It is such a joy to watch them. They have
been busy feeding on plant matter and algae but yesterday they were starving for some meat and
devouring a big worm and a shrimp like creature (still alive) and when I added some cat food they
went for that also. According to the books they are vegetarians until they develop legs but not this
lot! It was a real “feeding frenzy”.

The pond also boosts caddis fly larvae, who build and live in a tube made of tiny stones or plant
matter, diving beetles, water skimmers and other larvae which may be dragon fly or damsel fly
larvae as well as lots of other tiny unidentified creatures.

Our latest addition are some beautiful
pond snails which came for free with the pond plants we bought a couple of weeks ago, and they
have been observed mating – just as well as their numbers in the pond are declining fast. Every week
there are some empty snail shells on the grass by the pond and I suspect the crows and magpies are
the culprits.

Some juvenile frogs from last year have been spotted on various occasions and it is great to see that
they have survived the hard winter and are doing well.


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GreenFriends Ireland are currently giving free GetGrowing courses in Cork city, West Cork , Dublin, Gort and Donegal.

The course is aimed at beginners, consists of 8 classes, and is a mixture of practice and theory.

Participants get to design their own garden,  sow seeds, dig beds , make mini tunnels and lots more.

For more info email getgrowingire.rm@gmail.com.

Courses will mostly run during April and May to catch the spring !

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