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April 2010 saw the launch of GreenFriends Europe, hosted by GreenFriends France at Ammas French ashram near Chartres.

Small groups attended from most european countries, and each had a chance to present a few notable projects from their own countries.

Italy had projects on using EM in agriculture, and collecting food  that is treated as waste by modern agriculture.

France presented on its Bee sanctuary project and Seed garden.

Finland are working on preserving their countries natural meadows, by mowing them.

Ireland’s projects included Beekeeping classes, Wormeries, Vegetable gardens, and mulching.

The finishing touches were put to the Been Sanctuary, in the form of a cob-plaster finish, sourced from local materials.

All presentations are available upon request, in pdf format.

One of the GreenFriends France projects that best illustrates how ecology and spirituality can be combined in a harmonious way is the Bee Sanctuary.

This was originally part of a project called Babel.

The Been Sanctuary is a meditation hut, which has built in bee-hives in its walls.

The bees launch pads are on the outside of the building

so they dont bother your meditation.

The back of each hive has a glass wall so that you can observe the bees at work.

We all gathered for a small inaguration ceremony as you can see in the photo below.


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